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Children grow up so fast. Capture those cute smiles and expressions before it’s to late.

It takes a creative, sensitive, experienced photographer to capture a child’s personality. Let us show you how we’ve delighted parents with outstanding childre n portraits.

Now is the time to capture those priceless expressions. Our special approach to photographing children creates memories you’ll love sharing with family and loved ones.

Children’s Portrait FAQ

Q. How much is a child’s portrait session?
A. The session fee for a child’s portrait session if done at the studio is $39.95 or a location session is available for $89.95. The session fee pays for the time and tal ent used in creating your portraits and is due at the time of your session. The session fee does not include any portraits, nor does it apply to the cost of your order.

Q. When is the best time for my child’s first portrait session?
A. If you prefer your child to be photographed alone, then the child should be strong enough to lift their head from the pillow for at least 45 seconds. This varies of co urse, but generally the infant should be at least 10 to 12 weeks old.

Q. When is the best time of the day for children to be photographed?
A. Think of the time of the day you think your child is most alert and playful. For some children, this would be immediately following his or her nap. For others, it migh t be after meal time. Observe your child and schedule your appointment accordingly. We will try our best to service you and your child’s needs.

Q. What do I do if my child becomes ill the day of the portrait session?
A. Please call us as soon as you are aware of the illness. We will reschedule you appointment when your child is feeling better. We want your ch ild to be healthy, happy and alert. (It’s a good rule to avoid the week after any baby inoculations.)

Q. Can I bring my own personal props to be included in my child’s portrait?
A. Your personal items will make a wonderful compliment and create a special memory for you to cherish in the years to come. Some items to consider are: heirloom christen ing gowns, engraved baby rattles, mom’s jewelry, special comforters or hand made blankets, musical instruments, teddy bears, old family photographs, fresh flowers or rose petals, etc. These items add a personal touch to your portrait. We look forward to working with your ideas.

Q. Do you take outdoor portraits?
A. Yes, weather and season permitting. Please keep in mind, the best time for an outdoor portrait session is during the spring and summer months. We recommend casual clot hing for most of our outdoors set.

“Soft pastels and off-white outfits are great in the springtime.”

“Denim overalls, jean outfits and khakis during the summer.”

“Earth tone colored sweaters and long sleeved shirts in the fall.”

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