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Quality, exceptional portraits and great value is what we strive for with every appointment. Find out why many area families depend on us for portraits that the large chain stores and the malls simply cannot offer.

“The selection of proper clothing is a critical factor for a successful portrait session. That’s why our staff has prepared a list of suggestions for you.”

A Word About Clothing Selection

Family and group portraits are photographed on a variety of backgrounds or outside. Dress your family in warm or dark tones if you desire a formal portrait, denim shirts and jeans if you prefer a casual outdoor portrait. Solid colors with collars and long sleeved shirts look great on the white background for contemporary portrait. All family members should be dressed in the same manner, color key and style. Need Help? Call us for some great ideas or suggestions.

Helpful Clothing Tips…

“Choose solid colored clothing over bold patterns and strips”

“Dark tones and long sleeved clothing tends to slenderize the subjects (turtlenecks or a v-neck top will frame the face nicely)”

“Avoid bare arms, legs and shoulders which can distract and draw attention away from the faces in the portrait.”

“If you wear glasses, wear the glasses for the portrait, but have the lenses removed if possible. This will keep the lenses from distorting the outline of the face and reduce reflections.”

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