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Don’t let your high school memories slip by without capturing them. Whether you are a senior or a freshman we can help you look your best for yearbooks, family and more.


Basic Session

One hour portrait session. As many outfits and poses as we can fit in an hour. In Studio, all color.

Senior Elect Session

One and a half hour session. Color plus your choice of black & white, brown tone or blue tone images. The unlimited possibilities within this hour and a half include traditional, contemporary and a high fashion style.

Designer Session

Two hours of creativity. The artist customizes each session to include any combination of black & white, brown tone, tints, or other creative techniques that fit your style. This session is for the senior who truly wants to be unique.

Portrait Voyage Session*

Add a location to your session. Go to the park, the college, the beach or any custom location you want to go to!

Extreme Session*

Get all the creativity of the Designer in the best format. One hour in the studio, one hour at your home and one hour at any location.

*Note on Voyage and Extreme sessions. These premium sessions are limited availability and have a minimum order of a 11×14 and may have mileage limitations. Check with us [Email address: jeremy #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] if you have questions.

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